Make-Up Lesson For a Photographer Friend

I met Kim at a workshop last year, a workshop that focused around the one element of running a business that makes me cringe…. finances. $$$ and I have a love hate relationship, let’s leave it at that. Haha! Ever since the workshop Kim and I got to know each other a little bit better through a couple of other fun get-togethers. She is an amazing photographer and she has such a unique style of photography (which you will fall inlove with), you can have a look at her work on her website. Also she is from Lydenburg, so if you are in that area or looking to get married somewhere in that vicinity… look her up!

So she contacted me for a hands-on make-up lesson, and we scheduled it! Here is Kim before we started:


Here are some photos for you to feast your eyes on whilst and after the lesson:

Kim-mww-blog3 Kim-mww-blog2 Kim-mww-blog1


We had loads of fun! And as you all know photographers are so being used to being ‘behind’ the camera, they always complain about being in front of the lens. Haha! I think her pictures her gorgeous!

If you would like to schedule you personal one-on-one make-up lesson, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Keep on being lovely!