Make-Up Wake-Up Workshop – 3Aug2014

As you can see I am catching up on all my make-up workshops images. Amazing how quickly they pile up! :)

On the 3rd Aug I had another group of lovely ladies. Two girls were friends and the other pair were mother and daughter. What is great about a group of only 4 ladies is there is no need for name tags, because it is easy to remember everyone’s names. Not just for me, but for the clients as well.

Bets, Theresa, Angelique and Allayne thanks so much for attending one of my make-up workshops!

On with the pictures…

Early morning when they arrived:

makeup workshop before-3Aug


Making some magic…







makeup workshop dandily studio



Ready to go home (or maybe out to dinner, while they are all prettied-up)

Beautiful, beautiful ladies!! Now keep on practicing.

That concludes thie MAKE-UP WAKE-UP WORKSHOP for today! Get in touch if you would like to attend one.