Individual Make-Up Lesson – 4 April 2014


The best thing about my job… I frequently get to make women feel beautiful by applying my skills and know-how. Last year August I decided I need a home studio, a space that would be perfect for lessons and workshops. SO now I am finally able to utilise this space to wave my brushes around and teach people the tricks of my trade. I have always loved making women feel dashing and glamorous, now I can empower, real women (like you!) by teaching you how to apply makeup like a professional.

Christine, a professional working woman, got intouch with me and wanted to schedule an individual makeup lesson as soon as possible. She arrived on Friday, 4th April, straight from work. After a much needed cup of coffee, we dived into the lesson. We soon realised we grew up in the same area and shared similar interests, we had such an absolute blast!

She is such a beauty (inside and out) and I wish her all the best.

Here are some pictures:






If you would like to book an individual makeup lesson feel free to pop me an email and enquire.

I would love to have you!