Give away! Printable Weekly Planner


Ok, so this doesn’t really relate to makeup, but it relates to LIFE. I thought that there might be some people out there who might find this helpful.

In the spirit of the new year, where setting goals is such a huge step in turning ideas into action. I decided to create a “Wonderful Weekly Planner” so that I can jot down and plan my week ahead. I found that when I allocate a set of tasks to a certain day, I have more focus.

I have heard that if you don’t write down your dreams on a piece of paper (or nowadays on your phone or tablet), then they’ll stay dreams. If you write down the things that you would like to do or accomplish, there is a far greater chance that they’ll be actioned and in the end come true.

So here you go… click here if you’d like to download this printable Weekly Planner, and go chase those dreams and goals!


Let me know what you think!