8 Beauty Habits for the New Year

Hello Gorgeous!!

I know you’ve pretty much heard this constantly for the last couple of days, but here it is again “Happy New Year”!

I truly hope that this year holds in lots of happiness, laughter and beauty for all of you. I know most people feel a bit bloated and heavy after christmas holiday season, because we all eat and celebrate to our heart’s content. If you are disappointed in yourself for letting yourself go so much (I know I am!), just STOP! Appreciate the great holiday and time spent with family, because you’ll ruin the good moments and memories with your guilt. Rather step up and get back on that horse and gallop ahead.

Each new year gives us a chance to refocus our priorities and to set some goals for the year ahead.

Why not start it off with these 8 Beauty Habits:
1. Wear lots of sunscreen
Yes, I know! Everyone is always going on about how harmful the sun is to your skin, but what kind of beauty person would I be if I didn’t remind you again. :) Just add some SPF moisturizer to your face in the mornings, before you apply foundation (some foundations already contain SPF, but if it hass less than SPF30, you might want to use a sunscreen moisturizer beforehand too). When you know you are going outdoors, take some sunscreen with, or leave a bottle in your handbag or in your car’s cubbyhole.
2. Healthy skincare routine
If you don’t have a skincare routine yet, this is a perfect time to start. I strongly recommend visiting your nearest beauty salon or skincare specialist, get a skin analysis done so they can recommend the right products for your skin type. Wash, tone and moisterise in the mornings and at night. You’ll be amazed at how good your skin feels when you’ve established this habit!
3. Exfoliate at least once a week
Even though you have a regular skincare routine, if you don’t exfoliate frequently, you are missing out on a healthy, glowing skin. Very little women realize how important this is for your skin as well as for your makeup application. It will bring new life into your complexion! Exfoliation is defined as the removal of surface dry skin cells.
4. Don’t go to sleep with your makeup on
We are all guilty of this one, aren’t we? Believe me, once you’ve got this habit down, you’ll fall in love with how fresh your face feels when you’ve washed, toned and moisterised your face, just before climbing into bed. If you are extremely tired just keep some makeup remover wipes on your bedside table, but I wouldn’t suggest this every evening. Here is an interesting article of a women who experimented, and slept with her makeup on for an entire month to see what effect it has.
5. Groom your eyebrows
We are all lazy (and scared) when it comes to eyebrow plucking/grooming. If you haven’t shaped your eyebrows in forever, I would recommend going to a professional so that they can define the correct shape for you, and then you can maintain it from there. Your eyebrows are one of the most crucial elements of your face. It shows expression and it frames your eyes. If they are well groomed, it can serve as an instant eye-lift! So get tweezing!
6.  Cleanup & clean out your makeup bag
Does your makeup bag contain products that you haven’t used in months? Time to throw it out bad and old products. Old products become the breeding grounds for bacteria, so if you have hung onto that favorite eyeliner (that has been sharpened to a stub) and you are scratching out the last lipstick out of the tube, you might have to accept the fact that your favorite products are due for renewal. Rule of thumb is, if it smells or looks funny… Chuck it away!
7. Drink lots and lots of water
Benefits of this wondrous drink:  Healthier body, younger skin and shinier hair! The amount of water depends on how active you are throughout the day, but the general rule of thumb is about 8 glasses per day. It helps to carry a bottle with you where ever you go, if you have a desk job, buy a big bottle and keep it on your desk with a glass. Go forth and get your aqua on!
8. Moisterise your body!
After a revitalising bath or shower, it is some ‘love-your-body’ time, treat your body to a nice rub down of your favorite cream or lotion, remember to work the product into your skin, don’t just slap it on, your skin will thank you for it. Moisturizing is the most vital factor in protecting your skin from the elements.
I have heard that it takes 40 days to form a new habit. Let’s get started!
Have a good day!